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Birdwatch Northumbria introduces the birdlife of Northumberland and the North East. We run tours with friendly guides who share their knowledge of local birds with infectious enthusiasm. Our strength is the personal guidance we provide in small groups and the illustrated presentations that accompany each event.

Northumbria is one of Britain's richest wildlife regions. As well as birds, look out for an impressive range of mammals ? Roe Deer, Otter, Grey Seal, Wild Goat and the endangered Red Squirrel. Discover attractive flowers like Pyramidal Orchid, Marsh Helleborine and the Grass of Parnassus.

Enjoy our wonderful scenery and wide open spaces.

Experience a sense of wilderness in the Cheviot Hills or on an empty Northumbrian beach. Come and see for yourself with Birdwatch Northumbria?

Upcoming Events

Even Sparrows 3 day retreats on Holy Island

Come and enjoy a full and varied programme of guided birdwatching walks, presentations on birds and their God-given significance, plus inspirational times of quiet Celtic-style worship.

If you would like to book a Birdwatch Northumbria event please contact us.

email : mark@birdwatchnorthumbria.co.uk
or telephone : 07594 592684

" This was a magical first experience birdwatching. "

Rodney Eve Newcastle, UK