My first ever blog is a confessional and it concerns Flora Butterbum. But it's OK. I am not sharing secrets about an illicit relationship, although I still have to make a confession. Flora Butterbum is a local name given to a Yellow-rumped Warbler which has turned up on a housing estate at High Shincliffe, County Durham, and I confess I have 'twitched' and seen it. Some of you will have heard me protest that I am not a twitcher, but the lure of this rare bird from North America turning up in the North East was too enticing. And what a little beauty it is, especially that bright yellow 'bum'! Even on a dull, grey morning this bird's rump marked it out as unusual. So how did this bird get found ? The story goes that this bird was first seen by a family on their bird feeders during the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch last month. They could not identify it so they took a photo and showed it to officials at Saltholme RSPB nature reserve. The full story of 'Flora' including photos can be seen on , but you need to be a subscriber to get access. And that name? Given to it by the 2 children who spotted it in their garden on 25 January.

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