In the last week of February there were 2 sightings of Osprey in Northumberland. I think these are the earliest records in the county and I wonder if they herald a wave of early spring migrants. We might assume that our mild winter may cause summer visitors to arrive early, but the key to such early arrivals is more to do with the weather in the wintering grounds and during the return journey back to the UK. Presumably these Ospreys have not experienced any 'blocking' weather such as cold northerly winds as they traveled up from west Africa through Iberia and France.

One of my most unusual sightings was of a very late Osprey. Back on 27 November 2011 I saw an Osprey near my village in Northumberland - 2 months late for autumn migration. It proved to be the latest ever record for an Osprey locally and for a while I thought it was the last one left in Britain. However, that year a December record was posted from Devon. I wonder if it was my bird?

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